Help Restore Our First Responders

The brave men and women who hold a"first responder" title assist people in need, every single day. They risk their lives in order to serve and protect our communities. It's our turn to return the favor.

3 lucky winners will say goodbye to their sleep problems.

A first responder’s line of work often demands sleepless nights and long shifts. However, sleep is more than a luxury. Quality of sleep is one of the biggest predictors of energy, critical thinking and response time.

That's why Dr. Shad Morris is committed to help 3 fatigued responders tackle their sleep problems.

Please help us find the first responders in your communities who may be struggling with sleep apnea, CPAP intolerance or snoring.

Nominate a first responder.

If you or someone you know is struggling with a sleep disorder, please nominate them to receive FREE treatment at Premier Sleep Solutions.

Includes the consultation, airway mapping, sleep study, custom fit oral retainer and follow-up appointment. $2,995 value.

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